Lockdown Policy

Our Policy is displayed in full below but you can also download a PDF copy here:

What is a school lockdown?

Responding to an incident in or around the academy in which it is important to restrict students and staff movement around the site to secure their safety. This may mean that staff and students need to stay in a secure room until the lockdown is over.

Examples of the need for a lockdown may be an intruder on site, who maybe a safeguarding risk or an accident that had occurred on the corridor.

Any member of staff may initiate the Lockdown Procedure by informing the school office that there is an emergency and that a continuous bell should be sound.

Where practically and safely possible the ‘Lockdown Team’ will meet in the Headteacher’s office to decide on the next steps.

  • Mark Harrison
  • Scott Fletcher
  • Sarah Withers
  • Felicity Fagan
  • Amy Bicknell
  • Carol Robinson

The procedure for lockdown:

  • A continuous school bell will sound to inform staff that we are in lockdown.
  • The school office will contact emergency services.
  • The most senior member of staff available will meet and co-ordinate with the emergency services.
  • All staff and students, if in a lesson, will remain in that lesson and position until notified that the lockdown is over.
  • Staff and Students who are not in a classroom should proceed to the nearest classroom and stay there until the lockdown is over.
  • If a lockdown occurs during lunchtime or break time staff should go to the nearest classroom and usher students into that classroom and remain there until the lockdown is over.
  • If it is possible to lock the door from the inside, then staff should do so. If it is not possible to lock the door (as in the majority of cases) then staff should barricade the door with tables, chairs etc.
  • Students and staff should, where possible, remain out of sight and away from windows and doors once barricaded in.
  • The Headteacher or Headteacher’s designate will decide when it is safe for the lockdown to be over (this will be directed via mobile telephone).
  • Staff should ensure that they keep all mobile/landline telephones free in order to receive any communication. They should keep email accounts open and check them if safe to do so.
  • If the fire alarm sounds this is to be ignored unless the lockdown signal ie; the continuous bells ceases.
  • The end of the lockdown will occur only when safe to do so. The continuous bell sound ceasing DOES NOT indicate that the lockdown is over.
  • The end of the lockdown is confirmed when two members of core SLT report that the incident is over. At this point TWO members of the core SLT will travel the building informing staff.

Ratified by Governors Date: July 2018

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