Art and Photography

As passionate teachers and technician of Art and Photography, we value the importance of our students recognising us as practitioners by modelling work alongside projects, to showcasing our personal artwork

From the study of early cave paintings to contemporary Contextual Art and Digital Media, we strive to keep abreast of the ever-changing world of Art. Art enhances fine motor skills, develops hand-eye coordination alongside important life skills, such as creativity, communication, self-expression, collaboration, discipline and resilience.

Our subject is accessible to all. We want our students to be world ready individuals, with the knowledge, skills and understanding required to pursuit our favourite subject further at post-16 level, to lead successful careers in the creative industries and become confident, happy and healthy young people.

We firmly believe that the four lifelong learning goals that underpin our curriculum rationale in Art and Photography, enables our students to experience, challenge, question and succeed

  1. Being a risk taker
  2. How to be a good communicator
  3. To foster curiosity How to be an Artist
  4. Art has a place in the world

Our four lifelong goals work alongside the academy’s curriculum ‘Ways of Being’.

Art and Photography is delivered in well-equipped, positive, safe environments, where controversial and topical debates are encouraged, personal opinions and ideas are not ridiculed and were students deliver presentations and supportive critiques. We plan for opportunities for self-expression, confidence building and celebrate talent and individual identity. Art is a language, a visual language, we value the importance of our students being able to communicate visually, developing their critical thinking skills and presenting their work with passion.

Curriculum Maps

Please see the PDFs below for a full breakdown of our Art and Photography Curriculums for each Year Group.