The art of communication is one of the most fundamental skills that a person can possess. The ability to read, write and speak fluently, through a variety of genres, allows a young person to fulfil their potential in the modern world

Language and the ability to use it as a powerful tool, enables young people to articulate their feelings, ideas and arguments. Essential skills which they need both in general life but also in the world of work, further education and society. The younger generation will be the decision makers of our future and developing rhetoric will be the way they express those ideas which may change the world. 

By studying a variety of high-quality literature, creativity, personal reflection and the skills of interpretation are developed. We want our young people to be able to read a text and whilst being able to critically evaluate the meaning of the writer also be able to enjoy the actual act of immersing themselves in the joy that reading brings to life and society. 

Fiction, stories that explore human emotions, tragedies and the very depths of a person’s soul, make the reader understand both the world of today but also of the past. Other worlds become accessible, whether ancient or fantastical. 

Non-fiction, the ability to empathise and understand events from different perspectives, times, cultures and places. Comparing and contrasting viewpoints, experiences and situations enables a young person to create their own aesthetic taste. Ensuring that our learners can identify biased opinions that aim to manipulate the reader and have the skills to develop their own ideas and opinions. 

Essentially, we want our young people to leave us with a love of language in all its marvellous forms. With the creative skills to use their imaginations and experiences to achieve in whatever journey they take in life.

English Curriculum Overview

Please see the PDF below for a full breakdown of our English Curriculum for each Year Group.

English Assessment Overview

The information below outlines our assessments in English.

Half Term 3 Assessment : A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Type of AssessmentAssessment CriteriaHow to acquire the Powerful Knowledge
Mastery WritingCreative WritingEncourage students to read fiction books
Knowledge Quiz 1Quiz 1 | Students will be assessed on the background information on A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Knowledge Quiz 2Quiz 2 | Key themes and characters from Act 1