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Mathematics is taught as a core subject throughout both Key Stage 3 and 4 at Co-op Academy Swinton.

All students are encouraged to achieve their full potential at all levels. This occurs through the teaching our students receive, the support offered by the department and the wide range of enrichment activities on offer.

Mathematics contributes to the school curriculum by developing students’ abilities to calculate; to reason logically, algebraically, and geometrically; to solve problems and to handle data. Mathematics is important for students in many other areas of study, particularly Science and Technology. It is also important in everyday living and in many forms of employment.

As a department we will set targets and have high expectations for all our students. The department will offer a variety of approaches to teaching and learning to keep the students engaged, motivated and therefore enhances their enjoyment of Mathematics.

Key Stage 3 (Years 7, 8 and 9)

Students will follow a new scheme of work with an approach designed to prepare them to achieve at their highest level when they move into Key Stage 4. As well as teaching them the maths skills needed to achieve their best grades, we will help them develop other skills for life after school such as making decisions and justifying them, logical reasoning and resilience.

In each year, students are set according to ability and potential achievement with every effort being made to ensure students make as much progress as possible. Each student is challenged to strive to achieve and their work is monitored regularly. Our department is well staffed and each classroom also has an interactive whiteboard that is used every lesson.

Students joining us can expect exciting interactive teaching, a plentiful supply of resources, a dedicated suite of mathematics rooms as well as a staff commitment to success and raising achievement. The scheme of work for Year 7 includes the following units::

Reaction times Alien Invasion
Number skills Filling the whole
Knowing the unknown Easter egg hunt
Ratio and proportion Lines and angles
Equations, functions and formulae Sundials
Christmaths dinner Athletics field
Fair sharing Torbury festival
Decimals and measures Fitting it in
Mobile phone deals Summer Holiday

Here are some websites we recommend to help you with your studies: