Medical Information

Accident or illness at school

Occasionally, students fall ill at school and not infrequently have accidents. Children who are feeling unwell during the school day must see their Year Manager or Pupil Progress Coordinator in the first instance and not contact parents themselves asking to be collected from the academy. Children will only be allowed to leave school for illness once authorised by the Pupil Progress Coordinator or Year Manager. Once authorised, a member of staff will contact parent/carer by telephone to confirm that someone is available to collect the student.

Students will NOT be allowed to leave the premises alone if they are unwell.

Sometimes, a child will require hospital attention and on such occasions they will usually be transported by ambulance, taken by parents or staff car if no other transport is available. In such cases, we assure you that our staff will go to great lengths to ensure the child is properly cared for. Parents will be contacted as soon as possible. Sometimes a considerable amount of time can be spent at the hospital and we ask that, apart from exceptional circumstances, parents take responsibility as soon as possible after being contacted.

It is very important that parents/carers complete and return the ANNUAL PARENTAL CONSENT FORM to us, giving details of:

  • Home address and telephone number
  • Alternative contact number (for emergency use only)
  • Mother’s/father’s/carer’s place of work and telephone number
  • Name and address of family doctor
  • Declaration of any disability or health condition eg. asthma

Please let your Pupil Progress Coordinator, Year Manager or the school office know of any change during the year. PLEASE DON’T FORGET, WE MIGHT NEED TO CONTACT YOU IN AN EMERGENCY!

On occasion, it has been the case that the school has been unable to contact a parent and medical attention has been urgently required by the student. This can occur during the normal school day or on day visits away from school. In the case of such an occurrence, we cannot sign any medical consent form on your behalf unless you have previously agreed to that, and we would ask you to complete the Annual Parental Consent Form and return this to the school.

Administration of medicines

Our Medical Needs Policy enables parents to visit the school office and give their authorisation for our staff to administer medicines to their child. In order for us to administer medicine to your child you must complete and sign a ‘Medical Consent Form’ which can be requested from the School Reception. A copy can also be found at the back of your child’s Student Planner or you can download a copy below.

When we administer medication to any student a ‘Medical Log Form’ is completed. For each administration, a member of staff will sign your child’s log and also ask for the signature of your child as proof that they have been given the medicine and the time is recorded.

The school would not normally be expected to supervise routinely the treatment of all children who receive thrice-daily medication (eg, antibiotics or even anti-convulsant drugs) as the medication could be provided before and after school. The child’s doctor will be able to advise whether dosage adjustments make this possible. Consideration will be given to enable a parent to come to the main office and administer the medication personally. Where at all possible, please ensure the medication you send to school is in tablet and not liquid form as we have limited storage for medicines.

Please note: If your child has asthma, it is imperative that they carry their own inhaler with them at all times.

Under no circumstances must any child carry on them any medication to administer personally.