School Closure Support

School Closure Support

Worried about a child?

Should you have concerns about a child during the period of time whilst our school is temporarily closed, here are some helpful websites and contact numbers to help you.

Safeguarding Support

In the unlikely event of you having a problem whilst at home there will be school staff available to contact via telephone during normal school hours (8am-3pm)
In the event of an emergency, please phone:
Miss Withers : 07889 646834
Mr Duke : 07872 417176

Charity/Foodbank Support

Should you require help with food bank donations or financial support, please click HERE for a list of local charities/food banks that may be able to help families during a period of school closure. It is worth noting that families cannot just turn up to the foodbanks, you will need a food voucher first. For details of agencies who can provide these please visit: