September 2021 Important Information

September 2021 Important Information

Are you all set for the return to the academy this September? Are you ‘Learning Ready?’ This page will contain everything you need to prepare for your return after the Summer break and will be updated regularly.

Student Return Dates

As we were unable to hold new Intake Days for the students joining us in Year 7 this September, we will hold a phased return for students. Details of the return dates are as follows:

Monday 6 SeptemberINSET day (school closed to students)
Students from Years 7 and 8 will be invited to come into the academy for Covid-19 Lateral Flow Tests (times will be confirmed by text to parents closer to the date)
Tuesday 7 SeptemberINSET day (school closed to students)
Students from Years 9 and 10 will be invited to come into the academy for Covid-19 Lateral Flow Tests (times will be confirmed by text to parents closer to the date)
Wednesday 8 September8:30am Academy reopens to new Year 7 students only
Students from Year 11 will be invited to come into the academy for Covid-19 Lateral Flow Tests (times will be confirmed by text to parents closer to the date)
Thursday 9 September8:30am Academy reopens to all remaining Year Groups 8-11 with staggered start times
Year 7 arrive at 8:30am via Science entrance (Sefton Road)
Year 8 arrive at 9am via Science entrance (Sefton Road)
Year 9 arrive at 9:30am via Recreation centre/JB’s gate
Year 10 arrive at 10am via Recreation centre/JB’s gate
Year 11 arrive at 10:30am via Main student entrance (Sefton Road)

Covid-19 Lateral Flow Testing

We have been advised to complete Lateral Flow Tests for students before they return to the academy this September. If you consent to your child being tested we will test them a few days before they are due to return. Please see the timetable above for the allocated days for each Year Group. You will then receive an email/text with a specific time for your child’s Form Group.

Before we can test any child you must complete a consent form for each child under the age of 16. The tests carried out in school will be nasal swabs only. You will need to complete a new consent form regardless of whether you have completed a consent form for your child previously, see below. Please complete the form relevant to the Year Group your child will be going into in September, not the Year Group they were in before the Summer break:

If you have any queries, please contact us at:

You will have seen in the government announcements that social distancing measures will not be required from September and students will no longer be educated in bubbles. Students will no longer need to self isolate if they have come in contact with a positive case. More guidance on this to be released. We will still be asking all students to regularly sanitise their hands and will ensure all classrooms and corridors have these provisions. If a local outbreak occurs we may be directed to implement social distancing measures and LFT testing on site. We will continue to communicate any changes with you.

New Academy Day

Following a consultation period with parents/carers there will be some minor changes to the academy day from September, including an 8:30am start. Details of the revised academy day can be found HERE

Uniform and Equipment

All students will be expected to return in full uniform, every day and equipped to learn. We will be starting the academy year with high standards and expectations. All students must bring with them daily a pencil case with a black pen, a green pen, a rubber, a ruler and a pencil. We expect all students to have a rucksack that will accommodate their PE kit, A4 sized notebooks and the rest of their equipment. We will be checking student standards at the doors and will inform you if there are any issues. See full details of our uniform expectations HERE and our essential equipment HERE

Mobile Phones

A reminder that students are not allowed their phones out in school at any time, including break and lunch time. If your child needs to carry a phone to and from school that is fine but please be aware that any child who has their phone out in school will have it confiscated for the remainder of the day in the first instance. There will be no warnings, the expectation is that phones are not seen at any time in the school building, this also includes headphones/earbuds etc. If they need to contact you during the school day then they must do this through the school office. Please remind your child to switch their mobile phone off before they enter the academy.


Please continue to use our online system Scopay to top up your child’s account. If this is not possible due to your personal circumstances please contact us directly so we can find a solution for you.

From September we will be opening additional outdoor Food Serving Hubs offering quick ‘grab and go’ lunches. Along with our current Main Canteen and JBs Cafe this will ensure there will now be enough space for all students to eat their lunch and have enough time to get ready for their form time learning experience.

You can see our bi-weekly new menus HERE

New Year Teams

Over Summer we’ve made a few changes to our members of staff for each Year Group. Take a look at our new Year Teams and Pastoral Teams ready to support you every step of the way HERE