Co-op Digital Design Workshop Day

Co-op Digital Design Workshop Day

Last week a group of our Year 8 students were given a fantastic opportunity to take part in a 1-day workshop with some colleagues from the Co-op Digital Team.

We were thrilled to welcome several members of the Co-op Digital team with varying roles including; Content Designer, User Researcher, Product Manager, Agile Coach and Delivery Manager and they began the day introducing themselves and sharing with us their personal career journeys. They then went on to explain what ‘digital design’ is and how it fits into modern workflow.

Introductions over and it was time to get our Year 8s working on their task as the team outlined ‘the scenario problem’ they needed to address. The students were given the scenario of ‘The Problem Canteen’ and it was over to them to think of the specific issues this had. The biggest problem they came up with was time restraints and the volume of students in such a small space.

The team then explained each stage of the process to them, in a real-life setting, so they fully understood that what they were doing replicated real life of work. The students then had to narrow down their ‘problems’ and focus on one issue per group. They had to find a possible solution which they then presented to the other groups and invited questions about their ideas.

At the end of the workshop our students were given a Q&A opportunity with the expert ‘Digital Team Members’ where they asked questions about their jobs and the process they had experienced etc. It was an enjoyable day for all and our students found the ‘problem’ very relevant to them.

We spoke to some of the students involved about the enjoyment of the whole workshop and this is what they had to say;

“It was interesting to learn about the different jobs they did”
“I enjoyed sketching different ideas”
“I liked that we got to give our ideas to change the school”
“I enjoyed working together to come up with ideas for making the canteen better.”
“I liked learning about jobs I didn’t know existed”
“I enjoyed creating a solution for the canteen problems.”
“Using post-it notes to create ideas”
“It was fun to see where computing can take you.”
“It taught you how a group of designers worked together to solve a problem”
“It was a good mix of talking and doing activities”
“I think it was very productive and I enjoyed learning new skills”
“I thought it was great”