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Home Learning Resources, Years 7 &10

Home Learning Resources, Years 7 &10

We will be providing school work for or all our children who have been sent home to self-isolate for 14 days.

Year 7

Year 7 students, please complete the following work for English, Maths and Science over the time you are in isolation. You can also start working on your Year 7 Homework Project whilst you are not in school.

English – please complete all the work on Malala below:
Malala Article
Missed Opportunities Extract
Malala looking at language
Malala Building Blocks
Malala Yousafzai Extract
Malala Acceptance Speech Nobel Lecture
Malala Acceptance Speech
What effect was Malala hoping to create?
Writing Challenge

Maths – please visit the website Maths Workout. Students should look at the ‘number’ section and look at the following areas in particular. There is a range of abilities in there so students can work to their own level.

Your login is: swintonhs
Your password is: maximum

We will not be collecting this Maths work in once the students return, the aim of the work suggested is to get the students back doing the basics of maths and they progress through the tasks as far as they can.

You do not need to save or print any of the work you complete, just enter the answers online and it will mark your answers right or wrong…good luck!

Science – please complete the work below, learning about the Solar System.
Lesson 1-Sizing-up-the-solar-system
Lesson 1-Space and the Universe
Lesson 2-The Solar System
Lesson 2-Handout
Lesson 3-Day, night and seasons
Lesson 4-Phases of the Moon
Lesson 5-Solar and Lunar Eclipses
Lesson 6-Aliens

Year 7 Homework Project – the children have already been issued with the details for this homework project. For the whole of this first half-term, until October, our Year 7 cohort are asked to choose a subject of their choice and produce a display and resources based on this. Choose something that you’re interested in –  it could be your hobby, a sporting talent you have or something that you really feel passionate about. For example, in past years our students have produced a mix of models, displays, presentations, booklets, posters and more which they then present to their peers and staff.


Year 10

Year 10, your teachers will be setting you work on Google Classroom starting from tomorrow. Please ensure that you are following your normal timetable and complete all of the work set.