Important reminder on school uniform

Important reminder on school uniform

Dear Parents and Carers,

I am writing to thank you for your support this school year in raising the standard of our school uniform which has been worn to a very high standard.

Please read this carefully because we expect that all students will arrive to start the new school term on Wednesday 5th September 2018 fully equipped and prepared in correct uniform. Years 8-11 are expected to arrive in school by 10:10am, this is to allow our new Year 7 students, arriving at 8:30am, to settle in that morning.

Please note that regular uniform and equipment checks will take place. Any student wearing incorrect uniform will be sent home and expected to return in their complete full uniform.

All items of uniform must be bought from Whittakers (formerly known as Wilkinson’s) our nominated suppliers. School shoes may alternatively be bought from Wynsors. Black trousers, blue shirts, socks and black shoes may be purchased from any retailer. Students in Years 8-11 may, if they choose, continue to wear items of uniform bearing our old Swinton High School logo for the 2018/19 school year. Year 7 students must be in the new Co-op branded uniform.

Academy Uniform

  • Blue blazer with school logo
  • Grey v-neck with school logo (optional)
  • Black trousers for all (boys and girls)
  • Navy pleated skirt of a specific design for girls as an option to black trousers. NB. This is the only school skirt which we will allow girls to wear. No alternative skirt will be accepted as part of school uniform.
  • Plain black socks or plain black tights (no patterns) Girls’ plain black socks, must be up to the knee or plain black tights (not patterned). There should be no over the knee socks, no trainer socks, no ankle socks and no ribbons or frills on the socks.
  • New blue clip-on school tie or new clip-on prefects’ tie
  • Pale blue shirt
  • Black shoes (not training shoes, not backless shoes, not leisure shoes, not pumps nor boots). N.B. Shoes must be exclusively black i.e. no patches of other colours and, as shoes, they must be below the ankle.

For clarification please note the following important points related to uniform and standards;

  • For health and safety reasons, no jewellery is permitted. No piercings to be worn of any kind. This includes tongue piercings. Piercings will be asked to be removed irrespective of the length of time since the piercing was made.
  • A wrist watch may be worn.
  • No make-up of any kind to be worn. If a student is found to be wearing make-up they will be asked to remove it using a wipe provided by school or soap and water.
  • No false nails. False acrylic tips or nails, whether they are plain or patterned will not be allowed. No nail varnish is to be worn.
  • Hair styles. Excessively bright and unnatural colours (includes streaks, braided extensions), tramlines and shaven patterns will not be allowed. This includes hair that has been shaven at different lengths, Mohican style haircuts or any unblended shaved patterns. The Headteacher will have the final judgement to deem the hairstyle appropriate or inappropriate to school policy.
  • No denim (trousers, coats etc)

P.E. Kit

All items of PE kit must be bought from Whittakers our nominated suppliers.

  • Girls
  • Co-op Academy Swinton white polo shirt
  • Plain navy blue shorts
  • Black footless leggings may be worn indoors
  • Plain black socks
  • Trainers/pumps – for indoor use
  • Hair bobble
  • OPTIONAL – Co-op Academy Swinton girls’ hooded top (available from Whittakers)


  • Boys
  • Co-op Academy Swinton synthetic blue polo shirt
  • Plain navy blue shorts
  • Navy Football/Rugby socks
  • Trainers/pumps for indoor use
  • Football/rugby boots for outdoor use
  • OPTIONAL – Co-op Academy Swinton long sleeved jersey (available from Whittakers)


Students are expected to provide themselves with the basic equipment for lessons. This should include:-
– a pen
– a ruler
– pencils
– a rubber
– a calculator
– a Student planner
– PE kit
cashless system card

N.B. Any student who has lost their cashless system card must replace it at a cost of £2.

We accept no responsibility for the loss or damage to personal stereos, iPods, mobile phones or similar devices. Students may bring mobile phones to school but these must be switched off and out of sight in lessons. Students may use them responsibly in their own time such as at break, lunchtime, before and after school.

If you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact school and ask to speak to your child’s Year Manager or Pupil Progress Co-ordinator:

Year Year Manager Pupil Progress Co-ordinator
7 Mrs Mooney Mr Sloan
8 Mrs Howarth Mr Dodd
9 Mrs Howarth Mr Cavanah
10 Mr Bowcott Mr Robinson
11 Mr Bowcott Ms Begum

I thank you in anticipation of your support in these important initiatives.

Yours faithfully,

Mark Harrison

Click HERE to download a PDF copy of this letter.