Our Pass Applications 2022

Our Pass Applications 2022

The Our Pass application portal is opening earlier this year for young people across Greater Manchester. It’s the membership pass for 16-18 year olds that they and their families can use to save up to £500 a year in bus travel costs. Our Pass will open for applications from the 3 May 2022. It’s a membership scheme that gives school leavers a free bus pass, plus all sorts of special offers, discounts and experiences – designed to support young people at a crucial moment in their lives.

To apply, students need to go to: ourpass.co.uk find out more below.

What is Our Pass?

Our Pass is a UK first, a simple scheme that ensures that all eligible 16-18 year olds in Greater Manchester have the chance to become an Our Pass member – and gain access to two things: free bus travel, and exclusive experiences:

Travel. For a one-off £10 administration fee, Our Pass provides free travel on most local buses across Greater Manchester. It also gives members half-price off peak 1 day and weekend travelcards on Metrolink.
Exclusives. Membership also unlocks exclusive offers and experiences that range from discounts and event tickets to careers talks, tasters and workshops.

When can students apply?

Applications for this year’s membership (which starts on 1 September) open on 3 May. Those who are eligible this year must live in Greater Manchester and have been born between 1 September 2004 and 31 August 2006. Once they have applied, students will be posted their cards in late August, ready for use on 1 September.

We don’t want any eligible school leaver or college student to miss out. Can you help spread the word, and support your students as they apply?

How can students apply?

Students need to go to: ourpass.co.uk They will also need to have some documents ready, and a valid payment card (so that they can pay the one-off £10 administration fee).
The documents and information they will need:
– An email address
– Passport-style photograph
– Proof of date of birth
– Proof that they live in Greater Manchester
– A valid payment card

How can I support students?

Some young people find the applications process difficult and sometimes applications are rejected – often, because the photo, proof of address or date of birth documents have been uploaded process hard, please encourage them to look at the information and diagrams on this web page: ourpass.co.uk/before-you-get-started. They can also call Transport for Greater Manchester’s Customer Services team for help, on 0300 232 0777 (open Mon-Fri 7am-8pm-and 8am-8pm at weekends).

What about students who don’t have internet access?

They can apply using a paper application form, which they can collect from a TfGM Travelshop. They can pay the fee in the Travelshops by cash or by card. Nearest Travelshops can be found at: tfgm.com/public-transport/travelshops

What are Our Pass Exclusives?
The Our Pass website contains an exciting range of discounts special offers and experiences. Our members have accessed Exclusive offers, from free theatre and gig tickets, merchandise, free swimming, sport and leisure centre passes, and career taster days and experiences only available to Our Pass website members – please encourage students to sign up (this is a separate process to the Our Pass card registration).

Why does Our Pass matter?

The only scheme of its kind in the UK, Our Pass supports young people at a crucial moment in their lives. As they leave school at 16, they face decisions that will shape their future. These aren’t easy decisions to make, as they make them – challenges
Coronavirus pandemic. Our Pass tackles these challenges head on. Membership not only improves accessibility to jobs and learning through free bus travel – essential to those who couldn’t otherwise afford it – but through its membership opens up a world of experiences, connections and opportunities that they might not otherwise discover. Our Pass broadens the horizons of our young people, in every sense.

More information

All queries about the application process, problems in applying, and use of the travel card: help@ourpass.co.uk
For more information and feedback about Our Pass, and Our Pass Exclusives: opportunities@ourpass.info