Peer Mentor Training Day

Peer Mentor Training Day

Earlier this month we selected thirteen students to attend our annual ‘Peer Mentor Training Day’ at Trattoria, Swinton.

The students had a fantastic time and learnt many new skills to enable them to mentor the new Year 7 students starting with us in September.

Our Peer Mentors and Mentees meet every Monday morning during registration.  The Year 10s are there to help our Year 7 settle in to the new routines of high school and to give guidance and support in a non-judgemental way and in a safe environment.

Our Peer Mentors are; Zack Kemp, Ethan Rogers, Kieran Beeby, Lauren Preston, Sam Wall, Dorcas Sodiya, Claire Madzura, Elorm Fiavor, Hannah D’Arcy, Jasmin Belal, Kenzie Ward, Madeline Hamer, Kimberley Howarth, Jack Meredith

They all showed great skill and we wish them well in their new mentor roles when we return to school in September!