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Returning to school after lockdown

Returning to school after lockdown

COVID 19 : Addendum to Behaviour Policy

We recognise as a school that returning after such a long time at home presents a unique and challenging set of circumstances. We accept that students will take time to settle in and establish themselves in a routine and that it will feel strange for them to be back in school and in classrooms with their friends. Some students may feel anxious or nervous about their return to school and so extra pastoral care and support will be available on request. There will be some additions and amendments to school rules for students to follow. These have been made to ensure the safety of students and staff and should be taken very seriously.

Social Distancing

We will follow the government guidance on social distancing and students should respect the 2m rule. Where it is marked out in classrooms and around school it should be followed without exception. This applies during breaks and lunchtimes as well. There should be no physical contact between students such as hugging or ‘bumping’.

In classrooms students must always follow instructions from staff this is especially important with regards seating instructions and entering and leaving classrooms. We must also adhere to the following rules to keep one another safe:

  • Stay 2m from one another
  • Use our own work stations and equipment
  • Work, eat and socialise in our class ‘bubble’, and do not mix with people from other bubbles
  • Move around school using markings and directions and avoiding other people
  • Follow our hygiene instructions: – never cough, sneeze or spit towards another person – catch all coughs and sneezes in a tissue and throw it away (catch it, bin it, kill it), then wash our hands – wash hands frequently (including whenever asked to) with soap and water for 20 seconds (sing happy birthday twice) or with hand sanitiser if soap and water is not available

Behaviour that wilfully undermines the safety measures that the school has put in place or risks the safety of students or staff will not be tolerated. If incidents occur then they will be treated as high level behavioural incidents and sanctioned accordingly in line with our school Behaviour Policy. You can find the policy in full on our website at: Behaviour Policy

Examples might include:

  • Deliberately ignoring the social distancing measures put in place by the school
  • Spitting at another student/member of staff
  • Deliberately coughing at a student/member of staff
  • Behaviour or language that is intended to cause alarm or distress to students/staff about the current situation


It is crucial that students come to school fully equipped and ready to learn. As it is no longer practical to ask to borrow equipment from friends or members of staff if an item is forgotten, students should bring to school two pens, two pencils a ruler and a calculator. We would also ask students to bring tissues to school so they can cover their mouth if they cough or sneeze. If students have sanitiser they will be allowed to apply it at regular intervals although students will also have the facility to wash their hands with soap and water in the toilets.


For reasons of hygiene we have temporarily relaxed our school rules on uniform. Students will be able to wear their own clothes enabling them to change into fresh items of clothing on a daily basis. Clothing that is worn should be appropriate for school. Items that are not permitted include:

  • Vests, crop tops, short skirts or tight shorts, t-shirts with offensive slogans, footwear with a heel, open toed footwear or sandals, shorts for boys may be worn but MUST be knee length.

Our school rules for jewellery and make up remain unaltered. The only permitted item of jewellery is a watch. No make-up of any kind to be worn including false eyelashes and no nail varnish is allowed.

Mobile Phones

Our rules on mobile phones remain unchanged, in short, they should not be seen or heard during lesson time.

Entering and leaving the school site

Students will be given instructions about when and where they may enter the building. Please note that at the end of the school day, there will be NO facility for students to stay on site to wait for friends or transport.