Behaviour/Student Expectations

Our approach to behaviour is positive, placing an emphasis on praise, encouragement and rewards for making good choices

Our basic expectations for developing good learning habits are rooted in our core values of STRIVE:

Success: Stay on task in lessons
Togetherness: Be on time
Respect: Listen when others are speaking
Independence: Have the basic equipment with you for all your lessons
Versatility: Use the correct presentation and learning skills for each subject
Effort: Ensure homework is handed in on time and to a good standard

We expect all our students to;

  • Treat others with respect, in keeping with the ethos of our academy
  • Be polite and helpful to others
  • Work to the best of your ability
  • Be punctual to the academy and to lessons and attend daily
  • Ensure you have all the equipment needed for lessons, including your student planner and cashless system card
  • Always wear the correct academy uniform and be tidy in appearance
  • Look after the environment of our academy and our community as a whole
  • Ensure your classwork and homework is well presented, completed to the best of your ability and handed in on time
  • Behave appropriately at all times – whether that is in the academy, arriving or leaving and when representing the academy in extra-curricular activities

Behaviour for Learning : STRIVE Corrections

Students must realise that making good choices around positive learning behaviours will be rewarded whilst making poor choices will have consequences. See our STRIVE system of consequences and details about after school corrections HERE

Behaviour for Learning : Routines/Expectations

See our standard routines and expectations for all students in school HERE

Behaviour for Learning : Key Principles

We follow five key principles to create a safe, calm, orderly and positive learning environment for all, see them all HERE

Presentation Expectations

We have high expectations of all our students in every aspect of school life. This also applies to all the work you produce in all of your subjects. See all the rules we expect you to follow HERE