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Google Classroom

Google Classroom

We have now set up Google Classroom for all of you to use at home for all your subjects. Your teachers will now start sending and setting your work through Google Classroom and all your work will be sent through to you this way rather than by email.

It has several benefits for you:

  • You only have to look in one place for your work
  • You can communicate directly with each of your teachers
  • Your teacher can mark and return the work you complete with help and advice
  • Your teacher can share resources, set up quizzes and tasks for you
  • It gives you access to Google’s versions of Word (Google Docs), Powerpoint (Google Slides) and Excel (Google Sheets)…all for free!

What you need to do:

  • Your username for Google Classroom will be your normal school email address
  • Login to Google Classroom at:
  • Accept the invites from your teachers to join your lessons
  • Look in the ‘Classwork’ section on Google Classroom which will show you any work you have been set

Here is a short video that shows you the basics of how to log in, join classes and see what work you have been given.

Also, here’s a brilliant step-by-step video from Ms Torkington to help you log on to Google Classroom, get started with accessing the lessons and tasks set for you and show you how to submit your completed work:

This Google Classroom help document might also help you: Google Classroom Help