Anti-Smoking Policy

Our Policy is displayed in full below but you can also download a PDF copy here:


The aims of the ‘Anti-Smoking Policy’ are:

  1. To ensure that students are aware of the issues and consequences of smoking.
  2. To provide learning, support and information to students, teachers, support staff and parents/carers.

The policy will provide information about the procedures and the responses that the school will take to any smoking related incidents.

The policy has  been devised to ensure that as a school we are taking a positive approach in tackling the issue of smoking and are fully committed to being a healthy school.

This policy relates to the Citizenship programme, Behaviour policy and Health and Safety Policy.


Smoking materials are items that include tobacco, matches, lighters or any other material brought onto the premises for the purpose of smoking or igniting materials.


The following steps may be taken when dealing with incidents around smoking:

First Offence: 
Any young person caught smoking or with any smoking materials in their possession will have them confiscated and will be given an on the spot verbal warning which will be logged on the behaviour log by the member of staff who apprehends them.

Second Offence: 
Letter will be sent home by the Pupil Progress Coordinator that parents/carers must sign and return, which will allow their child to attend a 1 hour (3pm-4pm) after school Smoking Cessation and Prevention Session.

Third Offence:
 Assistant Headteacher/Deputy Headteacher will send a letter home to parents to inform them that their child will spend appropriate time in Retreat.

Fourth Offence: Headteacher will send a letter home to parents to inform them that their child will spend appropriate time in Retreat+.



Staff are requested to make a referral to the Youth Worker if they find or suspect students smoking or in possession of smoking materials.

Students that have been found to be smoking must participate in ‘stop smoking’ sessions after school and any drop in sessions that take place during lunchtime.


Parents/carers will be expected to support the school in all aspects of this policy and to co-­operate with the support offered.

Monitoring Evaluation and Review:

The school will review this policy annually and assess its implementation and effectiveness. The policy will be promoted and implemented universally throughout the school. The governing body pupil discipline and rewards committee will review this policy.

Useful Numbers:

Mike Rutherford: 07899 954 079
Stop Smoking Service: 0161 212 4050
Call Smoke Free: 0800 022 4 332

The Policy:

This policy has been devised after consultation with Integrated Youth Support Services. This has been fully ratified by the Governing body pupil discipline and rewards committee on 16 July 2016.

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