North West Manchester Science and Technology Challenge Day

North West Manchester Science and Technology Challenge Day

Earlier this week our Science faculty set off with a group of our Year 9 students to attend the North West Manchester Science and Technology Challenge Day at the University of Bolton.

Working together in teams of three, they undertook activities that gave them an insight into some Science and Technology focuses that they could study at University. Points were awarded for their planning, problem solving and teamwork skills.

The E-fit Challenge
Having witnessed a simulated crime, each team used the latest E-FIT 6 facial recognition software (as used by 90% of UK police forces) to create a computer image of the thief. They also considered problems associated with memory and facial recognition.

The Robotics Challenge
Each team was provided with a Lego Mindstorm EV3 robot, which they programmed in order to navigate around a course. Each robot was equipped with ultrasonic and infrared sensors. The robots were programmed to stop and turn at a black line, make a chosen sound at a yellow or red line.

The Medical Diagnostics Challenge
Each team undertook the role of a doctor, diagnosing conditions suffered by simulated patients. They tested ‘urine’ samples, evaluated brain function, examined X-rays and brain scans. They considered how the brain works, seeing equipment operated directly by the brain.

All of our students were fully engaged in the sessions and asked some good inquisitive questions. The day finished with a Q&A session about studying science subjects at university and the all important moment when the winners were announced!

We are thrilled to announce that The ‘A Team’ (Elizabeth, Jessica and Dylan) won the Robotics Challenge and they were presented with a plaque by the Mayor of Bolton, Councillor Akhtar Zaman.

Excellent effort and achievement guys!