Refugee Week 2018

Refugee Week 2018

Our PSHCE focus this week is the plight of refugees. We are sharing a powerful presentation and some throught-provoking videos with our students, collecting donations of clothing to send to Greece and collaborating to create a ‘Refugees Welcome’ sign made of our hand prints.

Letters will be sent home with students this week with details of the collections we are organising.

A refugee is a person who has been forced to leave their country for some reason. Most refugees leave their homes and countries in order to escape war, persecution or natural disaster.

In Syria, millions of people have left to escape the violence, conflict and persecution due to the civil war taking place there. This has caused one of the worst humanitarian crises of our time. More than half the country’s population are in need of urgent humanitarian aid; food, water, shelter and protection. There are thousands of unaccompanied children, whose parents and families have been killed.

A person who has left their country as a political refugee to seek protection and resettlement in another country is called an asylum seeker. Many refugees make perilous journeys by sea to Europe. Many European countries have put greater controls on their borders to stop people getting into their country. Some countries are hostile to refugees and asylum seekers and either refuse to let them in or do so reluctantly.

Asylum seekers and refugees are not made to feel welcome even though they are not breaking any laws. It is a human right to seek asylum.

Refugee Week was first held in 1998 in response to the negative views of refugees and asylum seekers held by the general public. The aim of ‘Refugee Week’ is to promote a better understanding of why people seek asylum and to foster understanding between communities.