Summer success for our Class of 2019

Summer success for our Class of 2019

It was fantastic to welcome back our ‘Class of 2019’ this morning as they joined us back in school to collect their eagerly anticipated GCSE exam results. Their five years of hard work, perseverance and dedication have now paid off and we are very proud of their collective and individual successes.

Headteacher, Mr Harrison said;

“Results day is always a nerve wracking time for our students, parents and teachers. Our ‘Class of 2019’ had no reason to worry however, with another year of successes at Co-op Academy Swinton. Our students have made us all proud, they have shown that hard work and commitment leads to success. I know that the time they have spent with us will help them move forward as positive, confident young people.”

In summary, this year our ‘Class of 2019’ have achieved:

  • Increased and improved results in many subjects including English, geography, art, photography, drama, performance skills and ICT
  • Best ever single science and RS results at Co-op Academy Swinton
  • Top grades in a wide range of subjects and more 7+ grades than ever

We also witnessed some very impressive individual results…

Paapa Baffoe 10(10)
When we spoke to Paapa after receiving his results he already had his sights set high, telling us he wanted to become a pharmacist or pharmacologist. Paapa said; “I am very pleased with my results, they open lots of doors for my future. What was my secret to success? Working hard – it’s that simple.”

Paige Broadhurst 10(10)
Paige is now heading off to college and has plans to go to university following that. Paige told us that the wonderful results she achieved means she can now study her chosen college courses. Speaking to Paige she said; “I think the secret to my success was studying little and often both in and out of school. I really enjoyed hanging out with my friends at Co-op Academy Swinton and learning new things every day.”

Toni Boladale 1(1), 9(9)
Toni’s long term plans are to go to university to study medicine. We caught up with Toni after she received her results and she told us; “These results mean so much to me – they give me so many opportunities and open so many doors.” We also asked her what she most enjoyed about her time here; “I enjoyed meeting new friends, having good relationships with the teachers and feeling like part of a community.”

Cameron Graves 1(1), 9(9)
Cameron is moving on to Pendleton College to study Media, History and possibly French or English Language. He then hopes to attend university but is still undecided what to study. Cameron told us his secret to success was; “Hard work, revision and paying attention to the teachers in class!”

Laura Kasinska 10(10)
Laura has huge plans for her future…college, university, travelling and working…she has it all mapped out! She was overjoyed with her results when we spoke with her and she told us; “I’m so happy that all the effort finally paid off. I believe putting the time and effort in to all my school work was the secret to my success. I enjoyed my time at Co-op Academy Swinton because there is such a good atmosphere between the teachers and students and you can really be yourself.”

Jai Bolton 1(1), 8(8)
Jai now plans to go to college to study Space Engineering and then head off to university. He told us that his results now mean he can attend the college that he really wanted to. Speaking to him this morning he said; “I think my success came from working hard and concentrating. I really enjoyed Co-op Academy Swinton, especially the food, the people and the teachers :-)”

Amy Tan 1(1), 9(9)
Amy now has long term plans to go to university to study something with Psychology. Amy spoke to us and said; “My advice for success is revise EVERY night but not too much” and when we asked what she’s enjoyed about her time with us Amy told us; “The teachers were really friendly and helpful.”

Eleanor Dalton-Bunker 10(10)
Eleanor now plans to carry on studying Sciences, Maths and English and hopes one day to become either a doctor or a teacher. She was thrilled with her results and told us what they meant to her; “Bye bye GCSEs! This is the official end to high school and the opening of a new door to the future.” Giving us her advice on the key to success Eleanor said; “Don’t stress! It makes things 110% worse. I went through my exams with a chilled attitude – just don’t chill so much that you don’t revise. I really enjoyed my time at Co-op Academy Swinton especially the people, the students and the teachers. I enjoyed the part I got to play in the school and the life-long friends I made.”

We hope you are pleased with the results you received today and wish you the very best of luck in your next steps, whichever path you choose to follow…we know you all have bright futures ahead of you!